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Child Development Center

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Kids in Preschool
Join us in educating your child!

Philosophy Statement

It is the purpose of Child Development Center (CDC) to bring together concerns for Christian values, quality child care and excellent preschool education in a way that will be both exciting to teach and fulfilling for children to learn.

The primary value permeating our curriculum is that every person is valued by God.  We welcome all children, regardless of ability, need, background, culture, religion, gender or economic circumstances. Our goal is to provide an environment where each child has opportunities to develop a sense of self-worth and his or her own unique gifts as a child of God.


Inclusion Policy

At CDC, we actively promote inclusive childcare to best meet the needs of the children, families and staff of our center.  CDC will make all reasonable modifications to our policies and practices to accommodate children with special needs or special health care needs, unless to do so would be a fundamental alteration of our existing program.

We strive to identify the needs, abilities and interests of each child at CDC and provide activities that are developmentally appropriate, culturally relevant and expressed in their primary language.

Children can participate in all activities to the best of their abilities.  Items are stored on low shelves to provide access to learning centers and materials.  When planning lessons and activities, the needs and abilities of all children are considered.  Children are assessed for any additional support needs.  Daily observations by the lead teachers and staff, IEPs and IFSPs assist in determining the need for additional supports and aid staff when working together with early intervention of special education service providers to support child and family outcomes.


We are licensed by the Maryland State Department of Education Division of Early Childhood Development (Region 9) License # 45362

Hours of Operation

7AM – 5:15PM
Monday – Friday

6PM for School Age Program

CDC Phone

(410) 543 - 1129


Child Development Center

208 Moonglow Rd.
Fruitland, MD 21826

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